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lighting soultions

Restaurants do it and so do spas and now you can do it too. When you want to really relax, the lights go down. Soft lights have a way of easing a huge population of tightly wound workaholics out of the breakneck speed of everyday life, putting us in the right state of mind to enjoy a quiet dinner conversation or an occasional back massage. As the lights fade out, our minds and bodies, at last, slow down.

Energon can help you achieve this state of tranquility. If the light fixtures in your home are controlled by dimmer switches, you can manually dim the lights to your liking at any time. This doesn't mean that installing rows of dimmer switches offers the most efficient or convenient way to put your house in slo-mo, however. You can arrive at Cloud Nine much faster by installing a lighting control system.

Lighting control systems basically rid a home of unsightly light switches, replacing them with buttons on small keypads the size of a single wall switches. These keypads can control entire groups of lights located in the same room or scattered throughout the home. With the use of a keypad, the same soft lighting effect that once required the adjustment of a half-dozen dimmer switches now takes the press of a single button. This single-touch operator provides benefits for every major room of the house.

In the media room, a control system can fade out the lights in preparation for a movie. In the foyer, a system might command lights throughout the house and in the backyard to illuminate a pathway from the garage to the front door and to the bedroom. Some lighting control systems work very well in home theaters, while others make a bigger impact in great rooms and master suites. Bottom line: Energon has lighting control systems for all the rooms of your home.

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